ISAs sneak peak

(James Storer) #1

A little sneak peek of the intro screen to a certain most wanted feature :eyes:

What are your thoughts so far & what do you want most from an ISA?

ISA pricing
ISAs sneak peek 2
(Vladislav Kozub) #2

Looks absolutely stunning! All we want is for it to be released as soon as it is reasonably practical :grin:

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Looks amazing! Can’t wait for this and US shares to be available.

Is there a rough timeline?

Do you / will you use ISAs?
(Aris David) #9

ISA is a fantastic news.


@JamesStorer Looks good.

Screenshot looks like you need to select one option or the other. Can you have both accounts?

Are you changing the app’s colour scheme from pink to blue?

I would like to be able to set the maximum I want to invest in the Freetrade ISA, for example set 10k out of 20k and then have Freetrade avoid exceeding this.

(Ben #88) #12

Looking forward to the ISA. Can’t wait to get my teeth stuck into it :moneybag:

(Rob N) #13

Looks good, very eager for this!! You could consider adding:
-An information bubble :information_source: to explain more about info about ISA’s.
-Something that reassures people that they can get an ISA at a later date if they select basic.
-Or maybe have a link to intercom or a community page for someone who needs help deciding?

(James Storer) #14

No way, we’re team pink through and through! This is just a wireframe not quite into the full visuals yet. Although admittedly this is a fairly high fidelity wireframe so we can move as quickly as possible to build.

All good points @Rob14, thanks for the insight! Specifically, I like the idea of showing more information about ISAs.

(Jeff puckering) #15

Building on @Rob14’s info bubble I would like to have an ISA FAQ link where I can get my top 10 questions answered (e.g. can I move my general account funds into the ISA and they stay tax free)

(Andrew Clark) #16

Stupid question but I’ve fiddled a lot so far with my stocks. Can I still tinker if it’s inside an ISA wrapper? If not shouldn’t that be part of the selection process.

Would standard account be the top option rather than the bottom option?


You can tinker to your hearts content, but remember once you withdraw cash from the isa it counts against your allowance for that year.

Edit: To clarify once you put cash in it counts against that year, so if you take it out you can’t “put it back” so to speak.


Once the ISA is available, how do I get my stock in my Freetrade account into my ISA?


Once the ISA is available, how do I get my stock in my Freetrade account into my ISA?

This is my question too. I would like to move my investments in to my ISA and I hope there’s a mechanism for that. I certainly wouldn’t like to sell, then buy again.

(Alex Sherwood) #24

Thanks everyone for your feedback & questions so far! :bowing_man:

This is a pretty early sneak peak, in terms of our design of the product so we don’t have the answers to all of your questions yet but we will answer them later on.

So please do carry on sharing your thoughts & we’ll take them into consideration while we’re working on this or answer what we can of course.

(Vladislav Kozub) #25

Any chance Freetrade could consider a flexible ISA? :thinking:
It allows withdrawing and injecting money back without a reduction of your annual allowance. (@alex.s)

Good news for you:

(Alex Sherwood) #26

I’ve just moved the discussion about the pricing of ISAs to it’s own topic, as this thread was getting a bit swamped, to give everyone space to share other bits of feedback here too now.

(Alban Roger) #27

I am looking forward to the SIPP one.

(Jim) #28

I don’t think there’s a way around that - the ‘Bed & ISA’ process can be used but it still involves a sell / buy pair ( with potential associated Stamp Duty and price spread costs ) .

(Vladislav Kozub) #30

Whilst you are correct, that may potentially be avoidable :wink: :