iShares Diversified Commodity Swap UCITS ETF (GBP) - COMM

Hello guys,

Can you please add the ticker ICOM (iShares Diversified Commodity Swap UCITS ETF)?

There is no commodities ETF in the platform at all and I think it would be beneficial for most of us in order to create a well diversified long-term portfolio.

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Very thin trading in both ICOM and COMM (same but diff currencies)
Not sure they’ll currently meet Freetrades criteria around liquidity

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Hey Finki,

Do you have a better suggestion in mind then?


Hey gl196,

thanks for sharing your idea.

If you are going to see the found size of ICOM compared to CRBL though, the former is almost 3x bigger.

Further, the T.E.R. of the former is 0.19% compared to the 0.35% of the latter one.

What’s your thoughts?


Also… really really thin volumes in CRBL… Freetrade unlikely to want to add it due to their liquidity criteria

ICOM you’re best (though unlikely) bet maybe. Thin volumes but at least there is evidence of automated (RSP) trades executing… so there is some liquidity and it is possible to execute without manually (phone) trading.

I can see automatic trades going through from my old company and they only ever use Winterfloods via the Winner Trader API… so we can safely assume Winterfloods are happy to take auto trades…and that Freetrade could use that same avenue for the 4pm batch… so I’d suggest ICOM is possible to add to the universe… though how many other people want to trade it is debatable.


Hey Finki,

Thanks for coming back to me and for your explanation.

Having a small part of your portfolio into commodities would allow you to have a proper diversification and will allow you to reduce the overall draw down.
I have personally run several back-testing portfolios over the long period and having an exposure of 7.5% of the overall portfolio into commodities allowed me to reduce the Max DD to -4.3% (with an average of 10% per year return) in the last 70 years. So I think it is a crucial part of my personal portfolio (and it should be part of everyone else portfolio) because it allow you to reduce drastically your total DD.

Of course there is no “one fit for all” solution but for the ones like myself that want to have a solid portfolio with a 360 degrees exposure, commodities is a must have.

And if I can get if through FT, this is a blessing for me :slight_smile:

You’re absolutely right - ICOM is indeed the better option here! Still surprised that there are still no commodity ETFs on Freetrade at the moment

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I can’t believe this is not already on here - hopefully we can gain some more interest!

If possible could this etf be considered for Freetrade?

It would bu useful for building a Ray Dalio “All Weather” portfolio.

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Bumping this to enable people to build the All Weather Portfolio on Freetrade.

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Does anyone here hold this, given ongoing events and inflationary pressure?

Cost appear the lowest of the commodity trackers on offer here but are there better options?


I hold it in my ‘core’ portfolio.

I chose it over other offerings on grounds of performance and low charges. It’s done quite well as 5% of the core portfolio.

(I also have some $ADM for exposure to soft commodities, £ATYM and £PAF)

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Thank you @louiseDJ

It’s helpful to think about the soft commodities side if things. I’ve had $LLY and $JNJ since the start of my investing in November but no food stuffs.

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$JNJ is on my watchlist :+1:

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I chose to them both as slow and steady non-cyclicals with a trickle of a dividend.

I hold some COMM now and will add to it when I can. Thanks!

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