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That sounds good actually :crossed_fingers:t2:

Ah, that’s great news. :slight_smile:

I’m tempted to switch to that one

I’ll will be switching once(if) it’s on. Hopefully wont be long. Will be selling this at a loss though if price stays same

Has FT said it is coming? I’d also considering migrating - but over time, in the hope any current losses are forfeit.

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I’m not sure they have, but there is a request thread that we can use to vote for it


Done :heavy_check_mark:

Hopefully won’t be too long

Hopefully it comes sooner rather than later looking at today. Dropped to below £10

On target for my £8-9 prediction! :frowning:

Was tempted to cut losses and sell but bought in at average 13

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I’ve bought into this and sold losses three times in the past month. Each time it has fallen further afterwards. I do intend to buy the dip, once it stops dipping.

I bought in 18 @ 10.92p I’m guessing it’ll drop to 8.00.
I’m holding on.

Looking to buy when we find a bottom

I also bought at around 13. Shall we sell at a loss or wait until the fund gets rebalanced next month? :grimacing:

I bought at the top and I’ll buy at the bottom - our future is renewable, no question there.


Just come back in 10 years and sell it at £14 I guess?

Wouldn’t sell at a loss at this point, I think the time to do that was when it was tumbling down at £12-11 on those consecutive days of sharp drops.

Personally I’ll leave my miniscule holding in this and invest in a bigger Clean Energy ETF, when and if it arrives on FreeTrade for something more consistent and less volatile.

Next support 900 will it HOLD???


Can you explain what this is? Newbie here

It’s Inrg the Global Clean Energy ETF.

Each candle is a week green grow red slide.

Red candle the main body of the candle up top is where the market has opened that week and the bottom is where they closed.

Almost each week opened lower than the previous.

So it still slides until it will find a bottom.