iShares Global Clean Energy ETF - INRG

And still up 78% on the year. (and up over 40% on the high pre covid)

Always pays to zoom out to get a clearer picture.


Dividend day :partying_face:


Not for me! Are dividends not paid at the same time for all users? :confused:

Honestly don’t know :thinking: How long have you been holding?

The payment does very little dent in the 30% drop this stock has gifted me anyway :rofl:


Got mine this afternoon. No problem

Received mine a long time later at 7.40pm. Maybe someone from FT can clarify. Must be a staggered release?

Regardless. Rubbish payout considering the losses I’ve taken also :joy:


What does mean for this ETF longer term? BBC News - Major project aims to clear clean energy hurdle


Why does the Investment Product transaction costs show as -1.9619%?
They can’t really be paying us to invest in the ETF!

You can most often ignore transaction costs


So the only cost would be the 0.65% is it going forwards?

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The transaction costs for this ETF are all over the place at the moment as the index methodology and criteria is being changed.

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Back over £10 for the first time in a while.

HANetf has a competitor to this that uses the same index INRG used to use ie 30 stocks. Its also 10bp cheaper and uses carbon offsets to make the investment carbon neutral. HANetf S&P Global Clean Energy Select HANzero™ UCITS ETF ‘ZERO’


Only available on the plus account unfortunately heccy

I first invested in this back in Feb when it was at £12.74. Averaged down so now at £9.13. It’s now starting to ofset my Oatly losses!


Interesting article. HANetf S&P Global Clean Energy Select HANzero™ UCITS ETF ‘ZERO’ outperformed INRG by 3% in October. Is 10 bps cheaper & is carbon neutral as it employs carbon offsets. Why would you buy the legacy ETF???

Bought this at the peak of COP 26, as I was new to trading. Bought at £10.36, now it’s worth £9.07. I’m saving for 5 years time, would I be better keeping this or cutting my losses and putting it into VUSA or VWRL instead?

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Hi @muccy

Welcome welcome welcome :ocean:

I’m afraid that nobody can tell you what to do. The best advice would be to revisit your reasons for buying and ask yourself - has anything changed (other than the price)

If yes - does it change how you see the long term investment thesis

If no - stay put and buy more at a discount. Topping up monthly a little every time smooths out and bumps in the road.

It’s also important to remember decisions aren’t binary. You could sell some or invest new money into other funds.

Good luck and hopefully you’ll find good information in the community and share things if you find anything interesting. You don’t have to be an expert to stumble in an interesting story or article.


I’m thinking I should hold really, I think fundamentally the companies in the fund should all grow significantly in the next 5 year’s, so the stock price will too, also more people are being encouraged to invest in green energy and climate crisis will only accelerate. I think I bought at a time of hype, which led some people to sell and perhaps buy back later.

Do people think this fund will grow much in 5 years?


This fund definitely has potential over5 years, but in the shirt term you / we will likely see more volatility.

I think a lot of US investors are trying to wean themselves off ‘growth’ investments while the stockmarket is rocky. That will hit INRG and other clean energy funds I think.

Once the volatility calms down a bit, it will be easier to see the long term potential IMO.