iShares Global Clean Energy ETF - INRG

Take a look at the details on the ETF page and it will give you a better understanding of the underlying companies and how it’s performing

This is basically tracking improving odds of significant democrat gains in the US election.

I think the US election has catalysed gains in the last month but it doesn’t explain the positive performance prior to September. Solar power is growing quite fast in the US and China

I think a lot of the performance before then is linked to the EV hype that was tearing through markets which also dragged up green energy and relevant commodities.

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I like this ETF a lot because of its sector and its potential but I’m wondering how the impact of the drop in value/relevance of £GBP will affect it? (Just my personal belief - and I want to make lemonade anything I can out of Brexit lemons)

I confess I don’t know a lot about ETFs (or investing) in general but I worry that it will be more expensive for the fund to buy stocks priced in USD - that said I don’t even know which currency this ETF predominantly uses. I’ve seen that it’s is also available to buy in EUR and USD and was wondering if there was any advantage for me buying and holding it in them instead?

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It doesn’t really matter what currency the ETF/fund is denominated in, what matters is the assets it holds.

If the value of GBP falls 1% then the value of INRG will increase by (approximately) 1%. That is so the value of it’s assets is unchanged, but it’s worth more £.

If INRG had a lot of UK exposure then it’s value could be influenced by a falling £, but that isn’t really the case here.


And also if you are buying new units of the etf; £1000 will get you $1310 worth of units now, but if the value falls your purchasing power of new units will also fall, e.g your £1000 will buy $1250 worth of INRG.

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I was told to wait after the US elections to buy into this ETF - but it seems to keep going up. What do you think? When is best to buy this one or do you recommend another?

Now you see that whoever told you this was wrong and you shouldn’t listen to him or others when they recommend something. You have to do your own research, not ask others for tips. :+1:

Unfortunately, nobody here knows how markets will evolve. :smile: Always do your own research.

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A simple way to enter an investment is to buy into the investment in stages, i.e.

If you want to deploy £1000 into an etf that you like but are unsure when to begin, some opt to invest £333 monthly until the £1000 is all in.


£200 monthly until the £1000 is all in…


£100 weekly until the £1000 is all in…

Obviously it is not wise to invest a large chunk into something that has already rallied hugely in a short amount of time.


Thank you that makes a lot of sense


Unless it is as important as dot coms :smiley:

New to investing and finding my feet but could anyone help explain something to me…
The Global Clean Energy ETF went sailing up last week but is now crashing back down - as much as 5.78% today. The stocks it holds seem to be remaining steady so I do not really understand why it has lost nearly £1.50 in a week. Is this part of how ETFs work and is it likely to bounce back? Also it seems to fall daily when the US market opens - does this always happen? Finally why is there such a delay in the price being displayed - normally around 20 minutes?
Any help/advice much appreciated.

The etf has had a good run the past year and there are some profit taking and slight wobbles due to the obvious times we are in.

The global clean energy etf is like, a buy and hold for 10+ years. Wouldn’t worry at all about volatility if you believe clean energy is profitable in the future decades.


Thank you so much for your reply, much appreciated.


To answer your last question. UK stocks prices may be delayed up to 15 minutes which is fairly standard for LSE pricing. Quicker pricing updates hasn’t been implemented yet.

I’m a fan of this ETF and hope to buy again if still cheap on Monday, as @101 said, wouldn’t worry about a blip in the road, it’s a loooooong term hold.

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Dont panic. Loads and loads of stocks took a big dip today. Everything bar one I hold dipped and nearly all the US and Uk COMPANIES i have on my watch list. If I wasn’t fully invested at the moment I’d be buying more


As well as a profit taking, another factor is the fact that the largest constituent (Plug Power at c.11%) fell 7% today. Before investing in ETFs/Funds it is worth looking through the constituent companies to see if you hold any of the individual stocks already, and to assess your exposure to them.

You can see the constituents of this ETF here: iShares Global Clean Energy ETF | ICLN