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They seem to be doing just that. I’ve never seen an established board be taken under control and organised as fast as these guys are doing it. I hope they can maintain it going forward - it almost feels like they’re going to need a full time team member on it eventually!


Imagine getting paid to montior / nurture this forum, dream job material right there

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We’re removing any new ones which duplicate the existing discussion topics.

Should be done shortly!


Thanks Sam

Booming this week after a rough couple of months. Hope you’re still holding! Maybe the news about petrol cars being banned?


How many computers did you steal before your employer got sick of it?!

I got sucked in by the headline and most of the 10 points but apparently it’s a lot of greenwash and the promised spending is still miles and miles behind what leading European countries like France and Germany are planning to spend.

Been buying and selling between 230 and 255ish, also 250 and 280ish over the last half year which has worked pretty well. Also got some I’m keeping long term I bought sub 200 some time ago. Prob should have just bought and held however what with their current price.

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good to see ITM doing well, hopefully we will achieve another ATH very soon. :rocket:

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Do we think this is a buy at the current price or do we envisage a slight dip following the rally it’s had the last few days? I’m torn between jumping in now or holding off a few days… hmmm

all time high achieved, is it going to double top or fly sky high? find out on the next episode