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I can see itm power on the rise and just keep rising

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I was expecting a little more considering the JCB announcement…

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A sustained rise would make sense given the big recent announcement of their factory expansions. Im holding long term here. We should expect volativity but looking clear to me that they are a company with a big future.


I’m considering increasing my holdings in ITM as they’ve been making a lot of smart moves recently.

I think Green Hydrogen is the way forward for a lot of areas like shipping and even air travel. The cost of green hydrogen should fall very quickly and lead to greater usage.

I wrote about worldwide prospects for green hydrogen here recently

As long as ITM execute this well, they are heading for being one of the UKs clean energy heavyweights


Brilliant piece @Sunny :clap:t2:


Thank you @NeilB !


Any time I have spare money I buy a few more shares in ITM. Its not big money by most standards but regardless of the dips in the short term, the long game will definitely pay off.


Anyone else had problems buying stocks this afternoon? Tried to buy in on the dips and the app wouldn’t refresh, it’s showed the same stock price for ITM since 2.30pm. Missed out on the dips!

Yes got the same problem very frustrating

When it’s happened before, I have checked what the live stock is doing online. If it’s down but not jumping around too much I will buy a small amount to check the price. If it buys at the live price (or near enough) and the price is still stable. I buy more.


Thanks for the tip, I’m new to this app so still learning. Really frustrating as I’ve been waiting for ITM to have a decent dip for a few weeks!

I am new to investments just a small dabble. Any ideas why the tumble in price. Given the pledges by governments to support hydrogen I would have thought it would at least remain stable.

It’s been pretty normal for this to go down to the £3 area and back up again to the £5 area for the last year. Some here have managed to time it well and take advantage of the volatility.


The focus of the past week has been about electric vehicles so I expect this is driving the sell off. Anything less than £4 is a good buy opportunity for this.

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I expect this one to continue to be up and down for another 12 months or so. A huge future ahead - 5GW of production already planned - but until the revenue starts to arrive the high valuation will make it vulnerable to sell offs. I expect 2023 to be the inflection point and it will rocket ahead from there.

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There is no particular reason for this. The company have been doing everything right - big expansiion of production recently announced, large projects in Germany and UK developing well, huge hydrogen targets being announced. The issue is that with current revenues still in the low millions the market cap looks very high on the surface. The big money will start to pour in from 2023 (in my opnion) but until then it will probably be vulnerable to swing up and down depending on whatever is going on more broadly in the hydrogen world and the prevailing sentiment of the day!


Thank you. Given the reluctance in the past to use hydrogen as an alternative fuel source I had always planned for the long haul in this energy sector. IMO it will come good.

Really annoyed today. I am holding this stock and for the first time ever decided to “buy in the dip”. I hit buy at £4.26 in the app and the sale completed immediately but at the price £4.35 ? What am I missing ? it has not been that price in the app all day ?

Hi @Andybott welcome welcome welcome :ocean:

When buying in low volume or penny stocks liquidity is the name of the game. The great :freetrade: team have put together this article to explain.

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