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Thanks NeilB that explains a lot. I am really new to this and just enjoy seeing things change up/down better for worse ! It’s only really for fun (everyone roll your eyes at me being a newbie just for fun). I only invest what I can afford to loose and intend to hold stock for a long time so in reality this is not a huge problem or a big loss. I like learning about the market and the link you shared was perfect for explaining what I now see is a daft “beginners” question.

Hope everyone does well with this stock, I just back stocks I believe in and hydrogen is one of those !

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Nope, you’ll not get eye rolling around here. Everyone has to start somewhere. If you want to see get more involved in wealth building you should think about investing a little every month and consider some big companies or ETF’s. If you want fun it’s getting to look back a few years and realising you brought Tesla for $50, that is smug face feeling fun!

Stick around and ask as many questions as you like, we’re a broadly friendly bunch.


Thanks. I will ask. Not sure I want a Tesla though. Even if it’s £50 ! Lol

I like the idea of make some money over time but this is not my priority.