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Probably the macroeconomic outlook rather than anything company specific


It’s ITM that’s how their shares go, bit of a roller coaster, was hoping to get back into gain territory but not this time, however good to see that ATOME Energy is almost there having made a really good increase this week

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And there’s a cow on this rollercoaster! I’m currently 67.28% down on ITM.

Worst. Rollercoaster. Ever.


Love how you are calling yourself “crashcow” now! Haha

I feel for you with this one, I paid £2.48 a share and I’m down 12%. I actually sold my Atome Energy shares yesterday at a 35% gain, nightmare to shift. It seems these kind of stocks are very volatile and my limit order just would not go through for hours, as they couldn’t find a buyer. It’s making me a bit wary about going near AIM stocks at the moment, as I have the cash ear marked and want to be able to get my money out quickly if I need it.

Really hope things with ITM picks up for us all!


@CashCow this roller coaster is most definitely not the wild ride I was banking on either. I’m 54.3% down, I was expecting this to be a long hold share till 2025+. But I didn’t expect it to take a huge hit this early on!

However, hydrogen is a big opportunity for the future and ITM will hopefully be at the forefront. Keep the faith!


Welcome to the forums and thank you for reminding me to check my holdings…

Ladies and gentlemen, cows and bulls… I’ve done it. My losses are now humorous. I present to you…

…yes, it’s the funny sex number. I can successfully cash out now that I’ve achieved my investment goals.


It is the funny sex number and your last post was number 666 in this thread. I think that means the planets have aligned and your fortune is about to turn, either that or you are about to double your losses.


@CashCow that must sting

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@CashCow Lol im £19k down. Chins up eh. 14th September will make or break ITM in the near term. This is a long hold. I believe more in this now than when i lumped on at £4.



:heart_eyes: Big oof! Well you’ve surpassed me and possibly this forum. I think WallStreetBets on Reddit would be happy to have you though!


Blimmy love to see how much you have in some decent stock

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What happens on the 14thbof September?

Where’s the bottom!!!

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Is that a target? I’ll see what I can do. Seems like I’ve already Hooves Of Doomed the Freetrade share price too but I daren’t say that in the current crowdfunding thread.


Any news on ITM quick drop to 55p then back to £1.64?

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But was ITM one of the company’s?

Final results