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ha yeah… I suppose it’s a start at least.


looking likely to run a bit

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Definitely some positive news on the hydrogen sector front.

ITM is one I’m keeping an eye on for sure. I have a small position currently. Looking to add to and grow over next 12-24 months.

The share price is reflecting that.

Though. I did see this yesterday

If true. Something to bear in mind. At least in short term.

Just to try and time adding to my position

I’ll DCA for sure. But if it dips and I have some spare funds. I will add more.

Currently focusing funds elsewhere at present. Though. I’m still. DCA in short term. Nothing big. Just keeping things ticking over.

“reducing the price target to £0.90”

Decent 50% gain from here though still bud


Definitely. I’d certainly take 90p per share. Once I’ve had a chance to add to position over the coming months :wink:

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