J30 - Share Transfer Form (stamped)

Hi all,

So I finally received a letter back from HMRC after months of ringing them to confirm the receipt on the stamp duty for share transfer. I sent it twice because I had originally not sent the bank transfer form showing the transfer. So I received back 2 letters, one which is stamped shown in the picture and another one which was accompanied by a letter saying that they are unable to stamp it as it’s an electronic copy.

They’ve stamped the first one (below) so am I ok to ignore the letter they’ve sent me out saying the second one hasn’t been stamped??? I’d like nothing more than to not have to deal with them again never seen a goverment so reluctant to take someone’s money. First time dealing with HMRC hopefully the last

Hoping someone who has dealt with share transfers before could chime in. Thanks

Edit: Forget to mention the amount for stamp duty I rounded up to the next 5 which was £25. Which is written above the line for their internal use but also on the stamp itself

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