Jaws Spitfire Acquisition Corp - SPFR - Share chat

This is a 3d printing SPAC that will be merging with Velo3D https://www.velo3d.com/

One of their notable clients is SpaceX. VELO3D - Investor Relations

A very interesting company with a track record of 3D Printing complex designs in metal. Would be great to see this in the platform!


Founder led companies such as Velo3d who refuse to sell to the likes of SpaceX must have huge conviction


I was just looking for this today. Yes please Freetrade, this one looks like a great SPAC.

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any update on this?

Velo3d is great long term investment! I need velo3d in my freetrade plus account ASAP

Come on Freetrade. Lets get this put in ASAP please?

Greetings Guys,

Please fill the stock request form for VELO3D.

Will take 1 minutes of your time

Step 1: Click the link Request New Instruments ✋
Step 2: Copy “Jaws Spitfire Acquisition Corp”
Step 3: Paste “Jaws Spitfire Acquisition Corp” in the instrument name
Step 4: Copy “SPFR”
Step 5: paste “SPFR” in the symbol (ticker)
Step 6: click stock
Step 7: press submit


Done - very keen to add this to my small but growing portfolio


Just invested in this now it has been made available on FT

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