JISA - Junior ISA

Can we have a little info on this please. Is it in the pipeline? Is there a timescale? Desperate to see a JISA on here for my grandchildren


This is not coming in the immediate future - 2022 would be my guess

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Appreciate the FT team may be busy, (with something more important than inter-generational investing?) but this thread was opened in May 2018.
I mean really, if you’re planning on properly challenging the big boys and want to be taken seriously then this needs done sooner rather than later.
ISA - Done
SIPP - Done
JISA - Pretty please get it done already

Now off elsewhere to open a JISA for my newborn


Someone opening a discussion in the forum doesn’t mean FT are going suddenly change from their plan. They have so far execute everything really well IMO, if you want to see what they’re planning check out Here

I will leave my JISA with vanguard along with my pension and when the time is right I’ll move it all over.

Hi I recently opened a Freetrade ISA having been investing with Hargreaves Landsdown’s ISA for previous 18 months which was great but just far too expensive!

I love the commission free trading and fractional shares available on Freetrade!

I still currently have both my children’s junior ISA’s with HL but would move them over to Freetrade promptly once you start offering JISA’s.

Please look into it soon :+1:t2:


It’s been a few weeks so though I’d bump this back to the top incase it’s been missed by some people.

Get voting and form an orderly queue people.


Been looking into junior SIPP lately for my kids, but having to open with a different broker is putting me off. Came across this threas. Would love it if FT were to offer JISA or Junior SIPP.
Please implement as soon as!


Just Bumping it back to the top - Yh I want to my little Man JISA out from Fidelity into Freetrade


Would you all imagine paying for a Junipr ISA or would you expect it to be free? If paying, would you expect it to be included in your ISA or Plus package? Just trying to think about the additional work it would take the team vs the expected returns.


I’d happily pay extra for it.


Another one planning to open a JISA for my 2 kids
A pity FT doesn’t offer them yet! Will have to check other brokers as it doesn’t seem it will be offered here anytime soon.

Any recommendation for JISA providers? I was planning to use Nutmeg but a good friend of mine was made redundant there not long ago and he will never forgive me if I go with them!:sweat_smile:

Come on FT! Do it for the children!


I’m using Wealthsimple currently for my 2 kids. Hoping to move it to FT once they have it.


I’ve been really pleased with Beanstalk. It’s a bit simple, just stick the money, select the risk factor (I went with 100%) and that’s it. But actually, I quite like that. It’s actually making my kids money rather than my stupid attempts at investing on here where I’m swinging between green and red all the time.

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It’s pretty but with 0.5% platform fee and then fund fees after that isn’t it much cheaper to use Vanguard?

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Another vote here for a JISA offering, I have two that I would happily move to FT (either within my current ISA or as a separate account).


I think what’s putting FT off is the lack of a large cuddly (pink) mascot who could get the kids into investing. I can only think of think Freetie bird, anything JISA related sounds a bit wrong. Suggestions?

A pink bear with long curly hair they could call it @sampoullain :wink:

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We need those JISAs!


+1 for JISA and Junior SIPP !!


If FT bundled the JISA & JSIPP it could change the game. FT would legitimately get to change behaviour of investors by offering something that is fairly niche and build a relationship that would last generations.

Imagine subscription revenues you could all but guarantee for 50-60 years while your competition are still transactional.