JISA - Junior ISA

Tickr looked interesting to me as well. Not had time yet to take a proper look though.

Can’t say too much about it yet, as it’s so new and I’ve only just signed up. Format looks good, you select your theme, level of risk and then set up a regular or one off investment as a junior ISA. 18 years should be enough to ride through most of the market turmoil and come out with some benefit.

And also, the fact it’s tied to green growth with high ESG rated companies appeals to me, as it speaks to his future as much as my own.

And in the meantime, if I decide that I’m happier investing it elsewhere, or another platform comes up I prefer (if I decide to have a more hands on approach once my confidence/capability grows for picking individual equities) I can just transfer it over.

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Has any comment been given by Freetrade if JISAs are getting worked on/in the roadmap?

They mentioned in the Zoom that they want to but its not top of the list. I am staying with Wealthify for JISA for this year at least.

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I was going to transfer my sipp and 2 jisa from II but will not bother now since there is no JISA

No additional update of a time frame on JISA. I have one with Wealthify but to be honest I think I’d rather be in control of what to invest in for my children


Can we have a little info on this please. Is it in the pipeline? Is there a timescale? Desperate to see a JISA on here for my grandchildren

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This is not coming in the immediate future - 2022 would be my guess