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Hi @AchillesFirstStand ,
Is the Discord forum changed related to treatment of freetrade members in any positive way? Last time I checked it was all t212 members blindly against freetrade, is it changed now ? I saw that all people who hated fr joined the discord and carried negative comments against :freetrade:

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Hey! I would say that it’s a pretty open discussion now with people from Freetrade, T212, Reddit and other brokers. I did have channels for each of the different brokers, but I removed them a while ago as it wasn’t really conducive to the investing discussion!

I personally I don’t have a preference to any providers and not interested in that. I’m purely interested in discussing investing and trading, people discuss other things in off-topic as well though. Feel free to join again and let me know any suggestions or feedback, please. It’s got a few hundred members with people from all over now so there’s not really a consensus on anything, it just a good place to discuss ideas and I try to keep the discussions constructive when new people join. Cheers!