Joint accounts

Firstly, may I say how delighted i am with many aspects of the Freetrade community.
But … (there’s always at least one, isn’t there?!)

A request I made some time ago was the possible creation of joint accounts for those members:
i. who have spouses who expect financial parity, and/or perhaps
ii. potential tax implications, where a divided income may reduce the tax burden.
These circumstances may well apply to many of the present users, if not now then at least potentially in the future! How do other users feel?

And a question for the Admins, if I may:
Are there presently difficulties with providing joint accounts either from administrative, legal or technical viewpoints?

It’s great to hear that you’re liking the community :grinning:

When it comes to providing joint accounts, we’d need to choose to make this a priority (we have to be quite selective at the moment, as we’re still a fairly small team) & get them set up. So lets see how many votes this idea gets :eyes:

I prefer the idea of linked accounts, as this can cover joint, spouses, children etc. Joint accounts is really a special case of shared accounts IMO, at least when it comes to investment.

Many types of investment account are not allowed to be joint and must be in one name - ISA, SIPP, Children’s ISA.

HL does this very well, but don’t technically have joint accounts, you can just allow others access.


Agree! HL already have this feature and this feature will make freetrade immensely popular. They will also benefit by surge in their revenue with more account , able to manage more cash in the flat form and popularity. Use experience will go up , nominees can be helped through this feature in emergency.

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Similar to joint accounts, I would find it useful to merely view my family’s accounts (read-only would do) and potentially integrate their pnl into a family dashboard of sorts.

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This is a question not so much about joint accounts per se, but about other family members who may want to use Freetrade.

  • Thanks to the low interest rates on savings accounts my wife is coming round to the idea of investing on the stock market. I would therefore like to open a new account which we can then contribute to together, it doesn’t have to be a joint account and can be in her name/ linked to her bank account but would most likely be on my phone. is it possible to use the same app but for different accounts?

If I remember correctly every time you log out you need to log back in using an email link. Does anyone have any experience with this or anything similar?

If not, then would the only option be having the app on her phone instead?

If you have an android phone you can have multiple users, like you can on a pc/mac (depending on if your manufacturer have enabled this core feature)

You could use this so young need to log out / in of your freetrade account, I’m not sure if apple have a similar feature.

You should check the legality of doing this though, just to be sure…I’m sure the t&c’s say you shouldn’t allow others to use your account.

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Cheers, might have to go with the option of downloading the app/ registering in her name then. It’s just that she would probably leave the bulk of the work to me even if we were making the investment decisions together so I’m just looking for something that is as frictionless as possible to encourage her to start investing.

+1 for Joint accounts then. :+1:

So the question from me - I have both usual account and ISA, if I did what is the procedure for my wife to get all ofy shares, in cash or shares form?

I assume this is a typo and ‘if you die’ which of course you will so planning is the right thing to do.

In your will you leave your possession to whom ever you want. Along side you will it’s probably worth keeping a track of all your account numbers to make the executors job a whole lot easier.

There are times when charities will write your will for free and then ask, but can’t demand, you leave them some money in your will. Search online for free will month. If not there are plenty of fee paying arrives or a local solicitor.


+1 for joint accounts for non-ISA