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Must have been a good one anyway. My mate just booked a huge golf trip for the CEO Jamie dimon across Ireland and Scotland. That was today :rofl:

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Not sure why they would want to.


JPMorgan’s Chase brand will absolutely crush in the UK. Goodbye Lloyd’s, Goodbye Nationwide, Goodbye Metro… The taste of dust is for real.

Would JPMorgan bring their Chase credit cards also? The brand is so strong. Could they poach the already growing Goldman Sachs users? Possibly. Concerned could be the feeling throughout the uk banking sector.


Ye their credit cards are amazing. If they don’t change them up for UK market they’ll do very well

Don’t know how popular their cards would be in Europe after financing the new super league :joy:

Absolutely awful

Certainly brave of all involved as the backlash and boycotting could be very big :man_facepalming: I am not sure of the actual impact but in this day and age protesting is pretty big and it seems with your money is going to be the way in future.


The digital-only bank will at first only offer current accounts with a rewards programme, however, it will eventually delve into personal lending and investment, and mortgages

Launched today JP Morgan Chase launches new digital bank brand in the UK


I want it. Edit: rip. Monzo