Jumia - JMIA


Jumia (JMIA), dubbed the “Amazon of Africa”, IPO’ed today (Friday 12th April) on the NYSE, selling 13.5 million American Depository Shares at $13 to $16.

I think not only would this be an excellent opportunity for Freetrade to offer access to the African continent via the NYSE, it will also be a great opportunity for all Freetrade users to invest into an exciting company in an exciting market.

It would be great to see it added to the Freetrade app!


A 65% increase in stock price at time of writing: https://www.nyse.com/quote/XNYS:JMIA

+1 interesting prospect

Agree! How does one go about getting freetrade to consider a stock? Do they just check this forum?

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We do :wink: there’s more info about how the #stock-requests work & how we use them to prioritise which stocks to add here Introducing the Stock Requests category 📈.


Ah excellent, thanks for the info Alex.

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Just to note: Hargreeves Landsdown (HL) have just added JMIA, allowing users to trade this stock.

Although it is not a true African startup :triangular_flag_on_post: it is the predominant e commerce platform in the region, so it is likely to grow. Freetrade what would it take to make this happen ?

Unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be a ‘CDI’ for the stock, which we’d need in order to enable you to invest in them.

We’ve explained why CDIs are important in more detail here.