June meet-up of the unofficial Freetrade meet-up

Reminder the Unofficial Freetrade meetup is this Wednesday

All the details are here

All more than welcome


Sooner FT gets to investor perks for Greene King the better!


+1 for that. In the meantime maybe we should be going to a brew dog instead.

From the meetup page I recognise @BeckyV and have met @CEY .

Damian has had to drop out, which is a shame as he was the only one clever enough to wear a Freetrade shirt last time. Instead everyone keep an eye out for this fellow, hopefully the weather means the Colonies won’t be as crowded as last time.


Stewart - looking good (and flattered at the shout out)

My best friend has actually just gone into labour, so I won’t be able to make it tonight!! - but have a great time and a(t least one) drink for me!


Thanks Stewart. You are very kind to help out.

I have a very unsettled 4 month old and am needed at home as Mum has been at it all day.

Once again I am really sorry. But family first.


When are we thinking for July?


With all this talk of being back to normal by Easter. Anyone up for a meet-up next year?

tad early to plan, i know…