Jupiter Fund Management - JUP - Stock Discussion

Hey all. Same here making a loss but never mind got that amazing 0.5p per share dividend to look forward to lol

Why did they even bother? Might as well have cancelled the dividend altogether and done a share buyback instead.


Could be worse, could’ve bought Tesla shares. Oh wait. I did😭

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Yes, I made the mistake to buy both of them as well. Total car crash (excuse the pun!).

Has anyone received their dividend yet? I don’t think I have but with it being so small I may have missed it :slight_smile:

I’m disappointed tbh. I was hoping for more than 0.005p per share


Just landed in my account. I’ll not get excited about it.

Dividend was pathetic less than a local coffee.

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Do we think this is the bottom now for Jupiter?
Surely the only way is up from here