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Yep, which is a shame in my opinion - it shouldn’t be used as a last resort…

It’s great that it’s finally been approved for these patients who require and would benefit from it, but I firmly believe that a patient should have the choice between opiate painkillers and this. I know I’d prefer this as it would be easier to come off it.

My father in law is on constant morphine patches to help with his pains, and they work for him. He forgot to put one on once and the withdrawal was horrible for him until he realised what he had done (or not done should I say!). This withdrawal wouldn’t be present if he was able to be prescribed medicinal cannabis.

But it’s got to start somewhere I guess!


Exactly. Sorry to hear about your father in law. If there isn’t enough since why not fund it properly? Also isn’t one of the largest medical cannabis farms in the world based in Norfolk?

Seems like we are reluctant to try something with relatively low impacting side effects compared to traditional opioids.


Thatll probably be GW pharmaceuticals, if I was to guess. Pretty sure for ages that they were the only company with licensing to play with any sort of cannabis, I could be wrong though, just something I think I read many moons ago.
Now that it’s legalised we should see, and are seeing, an array of newer companies bringing their products to the table. This will lead to more testing, more approved drugs. Given it 5-10 years and hopefully GPs etc… prescribing medicinal cannabis will be normalised.
Whilst it’s now legal, there’s probably still a bit of stigma around it due to the lack of product?

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GW pharma mentioned in the chat 5days ago as part of a discussion around slow growth in the industry due to pre existing big boys that have cemented their position.

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