Kanabo Group (KNB) Share Chat

MGC Pharmaceutical, just do search buddy

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Mgc & cbx

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Thanks, hopefully we can start seeing little greens :smiley: that was roughly mine share price before, I would definitely think about a little more purchase to get AVG down was so negative about a week ago aswell

I need to average down im still 20% down lol on both MGC and kanabo haha

Mgc is still good value , i am not sure how much higher Kanabo will go so that might be difficult to average down. As you know its always a gamble , in my view Mgc will be a good buy for a longterm hold but do your own research.

Cbx is at 0.9 so that might be another option as they have only been here for a few weeks . Good luck :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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I’ve just sold my Kanabo as soon as it went green. Didn’t quite have the confidence in it to keep holding. Best of luck to all of you.

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Thanks guys :+1: found a few, found 88 energy, they’re into oil, not exactly the next industry but speculation they may have struck a well containing 200mln to 1.4bln barrels, should be reported by the end of the month.

All the best


Check out Aurora (ACB) and Aphria (APHA)

Searching for ‘cannabis’ brings up these two plus the previously mentioned GW Pharma and CBX.
Type in weed and you get CRON, Tilray and Wendys! :man_shrugging:

Edit: Nearly forgot Canopy Growth (CGC), who come up under ‘Kush’!!

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Have you tried hemp? :wink:

When this drops back to 18p I’m gonna buy a load of it to average out a bit

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I’m not in this yet, been watching for a while. So waiting until under 0.2 to buy in.

Looks like it’s dropping again today dip coming :pleading_face::nauseated_face:

We like the dip around here. That’s when we buy more.

As long as come back eventually :rofl: my average isnt that bad anymore! Have to be a major dip under .022p

I need it to dip so I can sort my average out

Sold all mine last week and invested it in Mgc & Cellular as they are far lower values, just hoping they get to where kanabo was when i sold. :crossed_fingers::pray: at the moment all these kind of stocks seem to be bar coding .

I’m waiting till at least the end of the year before I even consider selling Kanabo. I’ve started investing in the other cannabis penny stocks aswell also sitting on them until at least the end of the year

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I reckon a good 12 months hold can’t only be a future option if not losing money :money_with_wings: because this industry is only gonna grow :heart:

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I feel lucky to be able to purchase shares in this industry so cheap, green oil this.