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This is well worth a listen, it explains why Israel are so far ahead in their knowledge of cannabis medicine and why Kanabo have the right approach in terms of how they produce their products combined with the method of consumption in the vape pod. No wonder the carts have sold out, there really isn’t another company doing what they are doing.

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Now Belgium deputy PM comes out in favour of legalising cannabis.


Or they can’t afford to stock it up,
I have no optimism for this stock,

If it went 0.01% green I’m out :+1:t2:
There will be talk when it’s 0.0006 it’s a buying opportunity :man_facepalming:

CBD found to be the most effective anti inflammatory cannabinoid. Good news, a little vape of CBD for the millions of people suffering.

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I and my portfolio feel your pain. The consolation I am taking is that it seems to be less a Kanabo specific situation and more a cannabis stock staple. On LSE and NASDAQ everyone is way, way, way down.

I suspect we are not yet at darkest before dawn moment. Macro factors are actually good in terms of the cannabis market and especially for health. In terms of the business, sales are a good thing but the only news investors are interested in is the CE mark. It is expected to be approved by the end of the year.

I admit fault :raised_hand:t2:I thought it was mgc pharma group, but it’s same sort of principle,
And this CE has been talked about for some time!

Even if granted I don’t see it (THE SP)
Jumping up lots, still lots of work and people to be prescribed, it’s gonna need millions not thousands to make some kind of impact,
And probably legalisation,

CE mark approval expected in the third quarter according to last update, however that’s not in their control. Half year results will be interesting and positive hopefully.
You have to look at the fundamentals with this one, as in their approach to how they develop their products and how they will be delivered. Potentially hundreds of different combinations of cannabinoid and terpene profiles to treat All manner of conditions, In that they are unique in the market and second to none, and once there’s a more general understanding amongst the population as to the efficacy that goes with vaping cannabinoid meds.
As I have said before I owned 25k of GWP shares when they were penny shares and sold them due to lack of experience and impatience, I won’t be selling these cheap.


Lenny “even if granted” mate if they we’re going to get knocked back I think it would have happened by now. Get some quality CBD to vape and change your mind :slightly_smiling_face:

:joy::joy: Geoff I don’t vape,
I’ve been in a very long time almost as long as this CE been mentioned

I’m 100% negative towards this stock and other 2 CBD ones!
I want to be positive but it’s been too long :man_facepalming: hope we all get proven wrong!
But even if goes up abit it’ll soon come crashing down as everybody will and get out or try to rescue some money back :joy:
My AVG is shocking like 22p so I’ll be up there with Leo DiCaprio waiting for the last jump :goggles::shorts:

I agree, I like the business and they are commercial. It seems like a matter of patience. And even more challenging as the further expected rate hike on 21st will doubtless have an impact. I appreciate that is not a given but Im factoring it as a given (for the nerves).

Legislation is definitely a factor in the UK but I suspect that an element of positivity will re enter cannabis stocks in January when Germany rolls out legislation.

I also think the SAFE banking (allowing cannabis businesses to use cards alongside cash) act if it passes once it goes back on the floor, will have a good ripple effect.

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I know it’s tough being way down for so long but this one is a bit special I think, cannabis medicine isn’t going away and when the tide does turn we are very well placed to reap the rewards. You can be sure Ian Mattioli has had his eyes on information we can only speculate on and found it positive enough to take a decent position, not to mention a seat on the board. Even he is well down at the minute so if and when he starts selling that’s when I will lose faith.
We could end up owning a part of a Company supplying patented formulations to the world for virtually every disease know to man either through vaping, sublingual or other proprietary methods. The only limitations are how good are the team at Kanabo and up until now I really like what they are doing.

My word US cannabis stocks are off to the races this morning (US time). Aurora and Canopy are both up 20%.

Where is that damned ripple!

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Probably to late in day traders thinking about their tea! Or maybe getting their analysis first before they buy! Buy! Buy!

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Looks like we could keep dropping until news lands while selling continues. One thing for sure they are selling at a loss so something from Kanabo to reassure the market would be useful, unless they don’t care about the share price.

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BBC breakfast today, lengthy discussion about the need to make cannabis available on the NHS.

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Worth a watch on i player, should be on prime time but I guess these days the BBC are a mouthpiece for the government.

A bit of optimism from the APPG on the UK’s potential to take the lead on the cannabis industry. Doubtless not an easy task considering our current home secretary.

Global cannabis stocks up nearly 20% following rescheduling, not in the UK they aren’t.