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Things are progressing in the USA and we are getting left behind. Why can’t we have a functioning government in the UK that works in the interest of the people rather than their own privileged group, it’s so tiresome.

I agree that the speed of UK legislation, considering we are the second largest market cap in Europe is ridiculous to the point of obscenity.

Nonetheless, I dont think you can underestimate the impact of macro changes across the pond. Im not going to get excited just yet and who knows what the actual changes will look like, but this would be a macro event.

Im still not getting exciting though and I wouldnt be surprised if we were at a penny by the time it goes through.

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80 years ago Harry J Anslinger began the war on drugs as the first head of the DEA, demonising cannabis with the refer madness campaign targeting the black community. Here we are at a potentially momentous point where they could finally release their stranglehold on the righteous herb. DEA ‘Likely’ To Approve Marijuana Reclassification


This could be quite a ripple from across the pond.


And another one, feels like change in the air as one story after another on main stream media asking for access to medical cannabis.

Hey we have competition, good to see advertising in the UK

Kanabo store still out of stock and still citing mid September (at the very latest) as timeframe for restocking.

Yes they don’t seem to be able to get anything done in a timely manner which might be why there’s no interest in buying shares, nothing to stop this steady decline in value until they give a positive update whether it’s news of CE mark or a trading update. But if they have no stock to sell that trading update might not be so rosy. Disappointing really.

Particularly good news for shareholders:


Yes having done in human trials on myself I can confirm that cannabinoids are an effective treatment for stress related illnesses :grin:

I should have said that CBD is a big player in this area so Kanabo are already well placed with their current vape cartridges to reap rewards from this area of medicinal benefits. Which could be why they have sold out of stock, word gets around, they just need to restock asap.

The Dam is breaking, except in little old Etonian England.

In other small win news, Kanabo store restocked!


We have turned blue, is this news on the horizon or just a teaser. CE mark would be welcome and a great foundation for an upward run.

With the stars aligning in favour of cannabis, and 700 billion available.

Could be interest rates reaction making markets a bit more liquid (although we need them vaporous!) . Either way though, I’m happy seeing that particular primary colour!

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One to watch next week. The Senate will vote on a bill that will decide if cannabis companies in the US can gain access to banking services like card payments. It was rejected last year. The outcome may well be monumental for the markets, in either direction:


Held is down today, could this be the reason :grin:


I work with sheep, this is the best thing ever, sheep need to learn to chill :rofl::rofl::rofl: