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I don’t work but if I did I’m sure it would be with sheep too. Good work mates are so hard to find :joy:

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I dunno they know three things and all of them involve dying :rofl::rofl::rofl: but how strange that both worlds have collided

As a vague ray of hope and positivity, anyone noticed the chart over at Seed Innovations, who invest in a few cannabis companies (Little Green Pharma, Avextra, northern leaf and Otto).

The share price is about to rerate and it is green not red! The companies are global in focus. Nonetheless, it is a UK based company with interedt in medical benefits of Cannabis and it is performing well.

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We should get a trading update soon, hopefully positive, and news of that long awaited CE mark. That should turn the SP, otherwise the slow slide will continue no doubt.

Love the optimism you two have for this. I am lucky I only entered the party at its current price a few month back so have not yet been burnt like others.
Also appreciate the articles and views you pass forward to the group.
Time for a wheel, deal and further purchase!

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I made 10k on this when it went to 4.75p so I am well happy even though I am down on my current holding 435k holding at the moment and I won’t be selling until they realise their potential. This is an excellent company in terms of products and how they have positioned themselves, just need patience provided they don’t make any bad decisions from here this SP should be a distant memory in six months.


Well this worked out for me better then i expected :joy::joy::joy:

Why is that mate ?

More positive news


And another building block in place in the UK becoming a prominent player in the medical cannabis market.

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9.30am est time (2.30pm in the UK) votes will be cast for SAFER banking act. If it passes US companies will be able to use cards for transactions.


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How when it hasn’t changed shares prices :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Good to see more people posting here, things are certainly moving at a pace globally in the cannabis space which in my view can only lead to an upswing in share price for Kanabo. We just need a little bit of positive news to get us heading north again.


Assume more appealing once it gets over a few more hurdles

And how many hurdles does one need to jump a d these hurdles are getting taller, I’ve heard this CE for over 2 years
And just been decline and decline! It was never Gonna be a flash in pan!

And always a long burner! But to lose this much and false promises! I’d need over a 230% increase on SP to even get anywhere near money!

I can’t see it going that high even with the CE in place. If I’m lucky to even get a touch of green I’ll be gone! Hell I’d even take a -10% :rofl:
But I get to that there’s obviously good news and pace then

Well you could have sold at 4.75 but sentiment changes as soon as fortune turns. I agree about the CE mark taking forever but assuming it’s a go then the whole game changes. Kanabo have the best products by far because it’s vaping which is the most beneficial way to consume cannabinoids. It is fast effective and discrete and the product in the carts is first rate. And now they have the GP service they can target the medical and wellness markets. Bottom line is someone is going to be first to market in the EU with this method of consumption and my money is on Kanabo.

Getting with the program down under.

Forgot the link :grin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kunGxAHB0-k

Back to sheep, this article tells what the strange behaviour was :joy: