Killik & Co: How to invest in equities event 🤓

Apologies in advance for the Londoncentricity…

Killik & Co, the retail investment advisor, have an intro to investing in equities (shares) evening that I thought might be of interest to anyone that’s new to investing in the stock market. Always good to get as much insight from different sources as possible, and Killik are a well respected player in the space. It’s this coming Wednesday (15/08) in Battersea, SW11. Tickets are £5, available via Eventbrite, link below. Event synopsis courtesy of Killik:

New to investing and keen to find out more? Join us for our panel discussion on 15th August at Northcote Road where we will be discussing why we invest, how to get started, the pros and cons of different approaches as well as some of the common pitfalls.


Who’s going?

  • Me :wave:
  • Londoncentricity :pensive:

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Rubbish poll. Where’s the “I would if I could, but I can’t” option? :wink:


My bad :joy:

Polls have to have 2 choices so the Londoncentricity option wasn’t meant to be serious, I was just curious to see who was coming. I didn’t realise that people were so passionate about that! I’m pretty sure that at least one of the people who replied lives in London though :expressionless:

Anyway, hopefully the next event will be the launch party & then the only option will be “I’ll be there” :wink:


I’m not 100% serious…

Really hoping to make the launch party though.