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This is a marketing SaaS platform for e-commerce that allows brands to create marketing campaigns using consumer data.

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Eyes are so cute

Please can whoever is sending out notifications telling us that share A is available now stop doing so. This method of marketing is very annoying. It is unethical - yes you put in the standard ‘capital at risk’ disclaimer but you are violating a moral principle here. I doubt that the FCA would take anything other than a dim view of this practice.

I do not subscribe to receive spam notifications. Please stop it!

Turn off notifications in your marketing preferences in the app

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Not great. It is an all or nothing set up. One can’t opt out from direct marketing of new share additions.

Hi @belvedere

Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate the concerns that you’ve raised and this is certainly something that we always consider when we are planning our communications. As you have pointed out, it could be useful to give customers the ability to switch off alerts for new company listings specifically in the preference centre. I’ve raised this with the team.

To be honest, we haven’t had much reason to consider the frequency of IPO notifications over the last 18 months as there have barely been any of note.

If you don’t want to receive these push notifications, but are still interested in hearing about company news and new features, you can choose to switch off the alerts in app (as the image shows you have done), but leave email notifications turned on. We never send emails about IPOs and only typically use emails to notify customers about significant new product and feature releases that are more likely to be of interest.

As we further develop our notifications, we want to be able to give customers the ability to set exactly the types of notifications that they want to get (such as things like price alerts on stocks you might have on a watchlist), while turning off anything that’s unwanted.

Any further questions, you can always reach out to me directly.



Thank you for taking the time to reply - I appreciate the high quality response from you.

With respect to notifications of individual stocks, I note that elsewhere on this forum people have in previous years commented on not being happy about receiving notifications of individual shares … e.g. some of the OTC stocks i.e this not a recent phenomenon and not only about IPO stocks.

I think a cleverer way of saying you are including a stock is by issuing a newsletter talking about developments in the (relevant) industry. Then at the end add that if one is interested in any of the stocks mentioned they are available on Freetrade. At the moment individual stock notifications on the app cross a line and are too close to advertising even if you decorate the message with capital at risk words. Remember an awful lot of your customers have an extremely poor understanding of risk (a lot of evidence of this on your forum pages) and you as a company don’t know the risk profile of your customers (and you don’t pretend you do).