Labelling Avocados with Lasers 💥

How cool is this?! :coconut::palm_tree:


Given the controversy around Millennials and Avocados, this was the best way to grab headlines. Great innovation for the environment for sure.

P.S. I think you should create a PIA thread at some point as the concept looks ideal for this community

Hi @Diversify - For sure! According to a lot of the media, Millennials are a selfie-obsessed generation who can only communicate via emoji and exist on avocados! Maybe laser labelling will drive even more avocado sales? :bearded_person:t2: :avocado:

A pia thread is definitely on our wish-list. We’d love to chat to the guys at Freetrade as our objectives and communities are pretty aligned!

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I’m curious if this would somehow speed up decay rate, having a (small) layer shredded away.
I totally want to see this on Bananas, personalized bananas :joy:

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