Lack of support

Anyone else experiencing issues? I put a sell order in yesterday that is still pending. Tried contacting support throughout today and not had any response.

Which stock is it? Iam able to place us orders today , all went okay.

You put the order in with the market closed, so its a limit order? did the limit order never reach the required price? That being the case, can’t you just cancel the limit order?

Ross, i put the order in around 5pm GMT for NIO so the US market was still very much open. I guess something else happened? Bit dissapointed nobody responded to my in-app support questions.

Hi there :wave:

Sorry about the delay with our support team right now, we’re currently experiencing high volumes and have reduced team over the Christmas period. Thanks for bearing with us at this time :pray:

Could you drop me a DM with the email you use on the app and I’ll take a look into this for you?