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This company owns and operates Laureate Universities, which have more than 150 campuses in 10 countries.

Can you explain the special dividend of 7.01. How will it benefit me or not

My understanding of this is this:

If you held shares on 6 October 2021, you will be entitled to the special dividend. However if you then sell the stock between then and market close on 29th October, you will not receive the special dividend.

The dividend will be paid on 29th October (so will be a few working days for it to be received by Freetrade and paid to you). On Monday 1st November the stockprice will be ex-dividend and it will presumably decrease by the amount of the dividend payment.

If that is the case, you will likely see a a sharp drop in the investment on 1st November and then a few days afterwards the payment would then show in your account.

I could be completely wrong though, but that is what it seems to indicate to me.

Thanks for you’re insight.