Lean Hogs

Has anyone seen Wisdom Tree Lean hogs etf. Swine flu in China and reduced hog supply.
To the moon.

Depends on how strongly the government begin to push this food waste agenda. Whilst pork consumption in China is massive there is a lot of waste. Curtailing waste would also curtailing demand helping to stem the rising price of pork.

interesting, if people have less money they should be more mindful of waste, but I wonder if that is the case in this day, alot of food is thrown away

I think most of these type of commodity etf tracks the futures market. trouble with that is they need to roll over on to the following months contract each month and this often means they don’t accurately track the commodity long term. they are more of a day trading tool.

I’d say that’s a fair assumption :roll_eyes:

Imagine the logistics of storing live pigs… and slaughtering and then magically resurrecting them as the ETF units expands and contracts… never mind natural births and deaths. The reconciliation process would be impossible. Some of your assets would devalue to zero in the case of death (unless meat sales are factored in latterly) whilst a birth would give rise to a dividend/ bonus issue … from a commodity… unusual.

You can also just check the fact sheet or KIID and see exposure is synthetic (based on a derivative) rather than physical (like metals sometimes are)

(For the avoidance of doubt : yes, it’s sarcasm)

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Yeah, I was mainly pointing out that they rarely track the price particularly well over the long term, due to having to sell the contracts before expiry and buy next months contracts


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Hi everyone.
Really interesting inputs.

What are the flows of pigs in terms of getting an idea of where the change in momentum is?

Who has the best view in terms of demand and supply? Cta’s are big but a retail investor will not see these flows.

What would happen if Robin Hood traders got interested in hogs like they have done in silver?

Hogs are on a rip!!

Any views said to go long.

to da moon since l posted hogs to go higher have you seen the price

Has anyone seen the flows of producers at this price fund money is buying here

How far is it going to run

Are Robinhooders out there!!