Legacy Broker / Share Dealing Services

Finally signed up to Halifax Share Dealing service for Regular Investment as paying £12ish for small investments is not working.

Application is fine, weird deposit £1k requirement but okay. So once the application is done, I expected a email to confirm or something to say we’ve got your account and nothing. Had to contact them to check and they confirmed they’ll be in touch.

Long story short…between this and the chunky fees… Freetrade stop taking so long. :joy:

Have you spotted anything peculiar with your brokers or share dealing service?

EDIT - Happy to privately test your service and give you all the feedback you can handle :wink:


Have been using one for many months now. 0.03% fee per transaction with no minimums. No other fees. They also do your tax filings for you so you do not need to be concerned regardless of the volumes. In-app support 24/7 (with a rule to respond within 60 seconds!) and nice interface.

Shame they are not based in the UK :joy:

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Halifax also do a no frills share dealing service called IWEB Share Dealing costing £5 per trade each way, just a £25 start up fee…works fine

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Halifax’s user interface for the share dealing service is very bad, I’ve hardly used it since opening, will more than likely close it soon. The only reason I’ve not done it so far is because I fear it’ll be a long winded process with all sorts of pointless hurdles :worried:

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Well this morning, I finally experienced the joy of selling and buying stocks for free (instantly) via an investing app!

Sadly, not with Freetrade but with my current broker (AJ Bell Youinvest) who are having a Black Friday event and have waivered all fees for trades done today via their app.

If they could promise this all the time, I’d be happy but as they are not, I continue to wait for my Freetrade download. :sweat_smile: