Lifetime ISA (LISA) and Android app ETA?


Sorry, I tried using the search function but couldnt find an answer. Does Freetrade already have a LISA I can transfer into? If not, ETA? Plus, Is there an android app ETA? Thanks!

(Alex Sherwood) #2


We don’t have LISAs at the moment (or enable transfers) but you vote for us to add them here Lifetime ISA :ballot_box:

This is the best place to check for updates about the Android app Updates on the Android app.


Thanks for the prompt reply.

  1. I have voted for a LISA. So currently there’s no plan to have LISA on the platform atm?
  2. Is Stocks and Shares ISA ready? Can I transfer my current one in to freetrade S&S ISA anytime soon? I’m tired of paying platform fees. Thank you.

(Vladislav Kozub) #4

Hey Iman, LISA does not seem like a soon-to-be feature as yet, but a more detailed roadmap will be released at some point this month. Maybe it will provide more valuable details.

Yes, it is!

Everyone here shares your pain about the fees too! But no, as it stands at the moment, you can open an ISA with Freetrade if you haven’t opened one with anyone else this year (otherwise, you can do so in April). Hopefully, there will be transfers offered at some point, but there are no details available yet.