Lifetime ISA (LISA)

Please freetrade, I’d much rather pay a flat monthly fee to you, than pay through the nose to AJ Bell.

Paid £10.05 to deal £1k of CUS1! :nauseated_face:


If you’re going to use such foul, disgusting and abohorent language on this board then please censor it so that the rest of us don’t have to read it.

Potty mouth.


Any chance of Freetrade introducing a S&S Lifetime ISA for this tax year? I would be keen to transfer my cash ISA over to Freetrade rather than AJ Bell or H&L…


Just begrudgingly topped up my AJ Bellend LISA :pensive:


+1 to Lifetime ISA from me.

Have held one across 5 tax years with HL - I’m self-employed, already a home-owner, so this is being used as an extra pension pot. The fund is growing steadily (I am a very cautious investor only buy funds with HL as there are no dealing charges on those) - but the bigger it gets that % monthly fee is getting higher and higher. I’d be happy to be paying this to FT instead! Well, less than the HL fee, of course…

This would seem a fairly obvious product to add to the line up, it’s targeted at the right demographic surely? Perhaps the limited amount of funds makes it unattractive to FT?


If Freetrade could just give us a “Yes/No” on whether LISAs are coming this year then it could save me a fortune on AJ ****ing ****ing ****ing ****ing Bell’s £9.99 ****ing BUY fees and then AJ ****ing ****ing ****ing ****ing Bell’s £9.99 ****ing SELL fees when I want to rescue my savings from there and transfer it to Freetrade.


Not a fan then I take it :joy::joy:

Don’t forget 1% Forex fee each way on US shares :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Usually one can reduce the buy fee to 1.50 if you opt in, for one off, regular purchase which happens around the 10-12th for many shares and ETFs.

Ie. Top up however you need to top up, and then do the regular purchase.

One can repeat that when the government bonus lands too.