Lifetime ISA (LISA)

I’ve never really looked into a LISA as I was in the advanced stages of buying my first home when they became a thing… I’m starting to look now mind you.

S&S LISA, above all other product types out there, seems to really fit in with Freetrade’s philosophy. The low ceiling to get the maximum bonus is in reach for a greater number of people, there’s a clear carrot up front and a clear disincentive to just take the money and run for reasons other than buying a home or retiring. Stocks and Shares LISAs really don’t seem to be well marketed, I can only assume they’re unattractive to providers? Not sure if that’s cost of complexity; I don’t fully understand whether there are restrictions in what you can hold in a LISA vs an ISA?

Either way, +1 from me on this. Appreciate the news from May/June wasn’t great but the implication is that it’s potentially on the table in 2022. Here’s hoping.