Lifetime ISA

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I’d consider moving my Lifetime ISA to Freetrade (once the Android app is available) too. I’m also particularly interested in SRI ETFs being available.



Would definitely love to switch my Lifetime ISA over to Freetrade - would fit perfectly with the sentiment of long term investing here.

With Freetrade’s offering of choice and control, (rather than say, Nutmeg portfolio options or robo investing), if the LISA could be competitive with AJ, HL, etc, and beat their fees, think it would make Freetrade really standout in the market



Please offer this! I’ve been thinking of opening one since last year and would really love to have it with Freetrade. :angel:


(Henry) #25

Unless buying a house using it I don’t see any value in LISA’s, in most cases you’d be better off increasing your normal pension contributions.

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I’d love to move my LISA from HL to Freetrade


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If anyone is thinking of opening a LISA with nutmeg let me know as I have a code that gets you no fees for 6 months


(Marcus) #29

I would almost definitely love this code you speak of :eyes:

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(Louis Otto) #30

It’s no secret that a LISA is an incredible asset for first-time home buyers and people wanting to increase their retirement savings.

Nutmeg offer a stocks and shares LISA, and so do H&L. In the case of Nutmeg, their core offering is incredibly limited (ETFs only) and in the case of H&L they are a legacy platform with high fees.

Perhaps Freetrade can swoop in and offer a best of both worlds scenario?



You point out HL’s high fees, but Nutmeg is even more expensive if you just buy funds which hold the same ETFs Nutmeg buys.


(Louis Otto) #32

I don’t see that Nutmeg is more expensive than HL, they both charge 0.45%pa at their base with the ability to add extra costs through different platform offerings.

My point was that even though you could buy shares through HL, you’re charged £11.95 each way, which adds up.



If you actually want to use Nutmeg’s robo-advising, which is meant to be their main selling point as far as I can tell, the fee is 0.75%.

Even the 0.45% is still not cheaper than HL. And given its fixed allocation, you can buy an equivalent fund through HL which is free to do.


(Louis Otto) #34

I think we’re at cross purposes here, firstly I never said Nutmeg is cheaper than HL, secondly I don’t believe you can fairly compare the cost of a service that isn’t available on the other platform and declare one as more expensive than the other :slight_smile:

Also on the topic of fund purchase costs, it’s free on both platforms.