Lifetime ISA

(Shaun McDonald) #22

I’d consider moving my Lifetime ISA to Freetrade (once the Android app is available) too. I’m also particularly interested in SRI ETFs being available.


Would definitely love to switch my Lifetime ISA over to Freetrade - would fit perfectly with the sentiment of long term investing here.

With Freetrade’s offering of choice and control, (rather than say, Nutmeg portfolio options or robo investing), if the LISA could be competitive with AJ, HL, etc, and beat their fees, think it would make Freetrade really standout in the market


Please offer this! I’ve been thinking of opening one since last year and would really love to have it with Freetrade. :angel:

(Henry) #25

Unless buying a house using it I don’t see any value in LISA’s, in most cases you’d be better off increasing your normal pension contributions.

(R3) #26

I’d love to move my LISA from HL to Freetrade