Lights, cameras, corporate actions!


Hot off the presses, as promised, our big corporate actions rundown - with some Affleck for good measure.

(Dave Smith) #2

I was wondering if this was in the App, I have some SSE shares and had the opportunity to vote on a demerger the other day. My shares are in HL and they sent a message with a vote button in it. Are you doing something similar?

(Rob Sexton) #3

At launch we won’t be offering this - anyone wanting to partake in a voluntary corporate action will have to contact us and we’ll do it manually. However we intend to introduce this, we’re just prioritising the core features at the moment so we can get the app in your hands quicker!

(Dave Smith) #4

It’s quite a rare event anyway, probably best to concentrate on core everyday stuff first


Article from the FT about this today, HL and CS are exploring the option to allow shareholder voting on a digital platform:

Blockquote Less than 0.25% of its [HL] customers currently exercise their voting rights