Limit buy not triggered

None of my limit buys have been trigged dispite 2 of them hitting the limit price?

Is that normal? If so, it’s very frustrating.

That seems to be better placed in the in-app chat. Also, just reaching the price doesn’t necessarily mean that there are shares offered at exactly that price.

I think It depends on the offer price. Perhaps the price may have hit your limit but the offer price was above your limit and therefore not executed(?)
As mentioned it’s best to ask the in-app chat on this

Hey @Uniqueusername :wave:

Pop us an in-app message, we’ll look into this for you! We’d need to look at the order details here. :blush:

The problem might be in delayed quotes. Happened today to me on other platform, where I did not realise that I was looking at 15 min old price $15 (example), set buy limit to $15.10, but in reality it was trading already for $15.50 so my limit order never executed. :smile:

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