Limit Order Cancellations are currently being queued

Is it possible for FT to provide some indication of what’s causing the issue that prevents limit orders from being cancelled and causes them to be put in a queue?

It’s more than a little frustrating to be wanting to sell and then told I need to wait a few hours.

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So an hour later, new limit order set at £20.45 to sell.
The live price is £20.56 and they’ve not sold.
Cancel the sell limit order, instant sell 12 shares, rejected.
Sell 1 share, rejected.
Price falls to £20.52, sell 1 share, rejected.

All of the activity, shows Sell 0 Shares, Rejected.

12 transactions all rejected.

Is this an issue with the previous sell limit?
The account shows I have shares to sell, I can select any number of shares to sell so why does the Instant order activity show 0 Shares, and rejected?

The markets now closed, it’s shown a result at 4pm of 1 share sale as pending confirmation, but then it’s not appeared in activity or in the order queue and the investment page still shows a full number of shares.

Market closes at 4.30, keep trying. Rejections could be due to low liquidity, try a limit sell just below the live price on google to allow for a spread. Rejections are at market level unfortunately, not Freetrade’s control. You can try smaller amounts although it sounds like you have done.

Main Market
Spread is 0.1%,
Volume 300,000 to 400,000 a day
1000+ trades today.

Which stock, out of interest?

Ultra Electronics.

There’s karma for you.

Moaned about not being able to close the position, price went up 10p, got out with more of a gain than I’d planned for at 20.52

Friday, price hit 21.00 for most of the day.

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