Limit orders not executing

Is anyone else setting limit orders that don’t execute when the price is met ? A bit frustrating when you’re paying for the pleasure of using it.

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Might need to be more specific on the detail? Also worth messaging support

I have messaged them, currently investigating it! Just curious to see if others are experiencing a similar thing. Specific on detail ?

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Not always easy to tell if people have similar issues or different issues without knowing the detail of how the order was set. But hopefully you get a speedy response

I set a limit order to buy shares should the SP drop to that value. The SP did drop to the value at which the order should have been placed numerous times throughout the day, but the order never executed.

Hey @Pazza,

Hope you’re well and thanks for raising this. When you create UK limit orders we will try to execute it as soon as the stock price reaches your limit price. However, sometimes your limit order can be rejected if there is no valid quote from the market makers in which case we will keep on trying to execute your order at your specified limit price until it is executed. This means that your limit order may not go through instantly once the price is met.

Please let me know if the explanation above helps.



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Is that the delayed stock price in the app or the live market prices?

Unfortunately the order was never placed! The SP even closed at a price the order could have been executed at. The price was in range numerous times during the day but no order made. It’s a little disappointing!

I have used limit orders a lot over the last couple of weeks. I have not seen any fail.

Can you confirm you are looking at the buy or sell price when looking back? You can not use the mid price shown on most graphs.

Out of interest, where would you get the buy or sell price, as most sources are mid price.

It was a limit order to buy at a specific price. It’s worked ok today but failed yesterday.