Limitations on the Plus Account

I thought having the Plus account would make trading much easier, but the limitations are just as bad.

  1. No live pricing whatsoever, takes 15 minutes for the app to update live prices in the morning so you cannot trade unless you have HL account or similar with live pricing.
  2. All prices are delayed by at least 2 minutes so you don’t know the buy or sell price. Apps like Trading 212, HL have a buy and sell price so you know EXACTLY the price you are buying with the stamp duty. Was given poor responses by general admin.
  3. Limitations on purchasing, can only buy upto £9,900 of trades at any one go, same with selling
  4. Limitations on volume selling, cannot sell more than a certain amount of shares at any one point, so have to create several sells just to get out (such as VAST where you can buy in millions of shares)
  5. General admin seem to be very poorly trained when it comes to responses. Give schoolboy responses when questioned.
  6. There is no real value added to the Plus account other than limit buys and sells, and able to purchase certain stocks, as far as I use it.

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