Limited number of limit orders?

It seems one can only set two buy limit orders for the same stock/ETF:

Is this correct or am I missing something? And if this is the case, why is that?

With the recent announcement of the 3% cash interest for plus members I have more cash than usual on FT and I want to “use” it by setting multiple limit orders on the same ETF to buy dips at several levels if/when these take place.

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Hi Fabio

That’s correct.

You can two of each type: 2 buy limits, 2 sell limits and 2 stop losses.

Why is this the case? It’s hard to set the kind of graduated limit sell patterns I’d like to use for more volatile stocks when I only have the option to set 2 limit sells

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I agree, would love more even if it was say 5? Also stop/limits.