Link account with Simply Wall Street Analytics

Ye I’m in the same boat with the trial. Did you pay the full £60 or is it monthly?

Full £59.90 there was no option for monthly unfortunately.

I’m going to stick with the free plan for now :slightly_smiling_face:
I currently only have 4 ETF’s and 1 investment trust in my portfolio.
I’m very impressed with what they do. I see on the website that integration with uk platforms is coming soon.
I’m going to go all out bells and whistles with Freetrade Alpha when available and may go for the Simply Wall Street Investor when fractional shares are available and I’m able to expand my stocks. :muscle:

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Richard and everyone else…I’ve also realised today you can sign up through a new email and get the trial again if people are interested. I did so much research when I had the investor plan I’ll probably use the free plan until I hit the threshold of 10 company viewings