Link with Simply Wall St

Simply Wall St has a feature that allows you to connect with a broker (E.g. Robinhood/E-Trade etc) - See here:

Would be nice to see this implemented in Freetrade

Could also be really handy for new investors!

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There was already a request for this: Link account with Simply Wall Street Analytics

Give a vote there :smiley:

I love simply Wall Street, would be great to have this as I’m always switching between the apps

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Do you use the free service or are you on one of their paid plans?

I was one of their testers a few years ago, when it was all free and whilst I thought it had great tools and info, I personally couldn’t justify paying the fees.

I used the trial so got access to most if not everything at the start, thinking about paying but need to look at exact costs.
But it’s great for getting insights into a company before investing and I like the portfolio feature where you can shortlist companies, be nice if Freetrade had similar.

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Thats a cool tool. I would consider it if freetrade would have intergration

On the free trial myself for the next 11 days myself. An amazing insight into companies. Thinking about it myself. It’s $80.50 for the year if you sign up within 2 weeks of trial finishing. I don’t like subscriptions etc but this might be worth it in my eyes.

It is a cool website because the information is displayed very neatly but that’s it really, it doesn’t give you any information you can’t find for free or anything you can’t do with a spreadsheet, so I don’t think it is worth the £85/year.

I’ve subscribed to the yearly plan. I do agree that you can find most of the information for free, but it saves me a lot of time having it all in a concise and visually appealing manner. Things like diversification percentages, quite detailed information on every company in terms of what they do and what products they provide are quite useful

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Absolutely agree great info on each company profile. Ye the diversified tree on the portfolio page is amazing. Going to have to take the plunge I think

Also, the weekly overview email is nice, with an overview of any big news for every item in your portfolio and some performance stats. And seeing the email headline “You outperformed the UK market this week” is awesome :joy:

I reckon this should be a proprietary feature. An add-on to freetrade’s IP which would help with valuation. Data analytics should be a feature in 2019, not some startup idea like Simply Wall St.

Would like to see if you sign up for Freetrade Alpha you get a Simply Wall St. paid account ,not the free limited edition.