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Don’t forget that no dividend tax either! But cyclical investors will cry for dividends.

I don’t think it follows that a company is doing particular well because it pays dividends.
One reason for paying high dividends is a lack of profitable reinvestment.
Also reducing the amount of shares results in a reduction in supply which should result in an increase in the price of the remaining shares and in the dividends over time.

PS “spunk it out” ?

That’s not really the definition of spam. I am sure you could find fault with @Jthejellybean postings but the post you are referring to is hardly spam

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Not had my didvidend payment yet, anyone else in same boat? Thought pay day was end of november…

Where did you find that? Lloyds pays twice a year and this year’s dates have already passed imo.


Yeah LBG pay twice yearly - May and September as things stand.

They were going to move to quarterly in 2019/2020 but they decided to keep as was in the end.

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Im just going off of what dividendmax.com is saying…ex date was 3/11 pay date on 30/11, of 4.25p per share, i received nothing in september either if that was supposed to be the pay date…

I think you’re looking at the preference shares - standard shares held via Freetrade come under the ticker £LLOY.

LLPC and LLPD are paid in May and November which may be where the confusion has arisen.

I said this ages ago but it’s still 2 a year I have seen it on dividendmax but I do think it’s currently wrong more to get for next payout next year :hugs:

So right ticker but wrong date then ?

Yeah you got it, right ticker but wrong date

Definitely not Feb I’m afraid normally may time

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Good Morning all.

For only the second time since I started investing in Lloyds my shares are worth more than I paid for them!!

Ok the profit is only 65p but profit is profit :slight_smile:


Oh well spoke too soon lol. Back into the red we go

I’ve never been in the green on growth, but with the recovery recently taking into account the dividends this is a profit making stock. So I’m off to the corner shop to spend it on a penny sweet. Just one though as that’s all I can afford :rofl:

Guess I’m lucky, I’m currently sitting on 1% growth in capital and projected 9% return over 2 years when dividends are taken into consideration (although they are all reinvested anyways)

Going ok, but still lots of room for further growth :chart_with_upwards_trend::moneybag:


@RKerry thats a really good average and share accumulation. Good work

Thank you @Trissy08 :blush: