LON: RR - Rolls Royce

Please can you add Rolls Royce Holdings?

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Can you add Rolls Royce urgently please to the stocks

People have been asking for months but its still not on yet

There have been numerous threads on this. I find it equally ridiculous that people seem unable or unwilling to read these threads. Everything has been added under this thread:

The reason it is not added is there is a regulatory/legal requirement to declare the nationality of any shareholder. Freetrade systems are currently unable to to do this. The Freetrade team have responded multiple times on this matter


It’s down to priorities I guess. They need to add a way to declare your nationality into the app. But there’s loads of other work that needs doing as well.

I guess that because T212 are basically using Interactive Brokers to do the trades the functionality was already there for them.

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Yes. That’s exactly what I’m telling you