Long waiting times, no chat

It’s one thing to prioritise chats with Plus customers but removing the option for other customers is a terrible decision.

I agree, though I guess Freetrade wouldn’t then be able to “spam” customers with in-app messages…


I don’t think FT staff work all night. tbh, It sounds like you want immediate/24hr support for free.

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Nah, try reading it again

If you reply at 4pm on a Saturday asking how a customer would like to proceed - the key is to set expectations. When can a further response be expected, what are our available customer support times.

it reads the same on the second and third times :man_shrugging:

It’s all about expectation setting - which is practically impossible via email

It’s clunky and naff and I wouldn’t expect to pay £10 a month to circumnavigate it. Sorry about that

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I purchased BP shares this morning at 9 am - at the end of the day my order says order pending.
All I can do ( and have done) is email as to why this is the case. Response 3-5 days.
Not good enough. I’ll be closing account once this is sorted.

Did you try uninstalling the app and installing again

Hi @DML this is very odd and I’ve not seen anything like this happen before. I don’t suppose @MeghanB26 is around are you?

Response time is normally much quicker than 3-5 days from my experience with them team.

No I haven’t, don’t want to make it more complicated.
I just need Freetrade to tell me why!

Maybe worth a try as sometime it’s a phone issue rather than app issue

Just to check:

  • Have funds left your account?
  • Do you have Freetrade Plus? Could it be a limit order you’ve placed?

App shows reserved cash, queued order , can’t do anything, still shows order pending.
No I don’t have Freetrade Plus

And you cant go to the company page then scroll down to the queued order tab, click it and then cancel it? Seems very odd if that is not working and would be a huge bug if not that FT should get on ASAP.

I can go to queued order but will not let me cancel as it says ‘we are awaiting confirmation that order has been executed’ - since 9am yesterday- emailed FT - no response

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Sadly then I don’t think anyone hear can help as that seems a bug or something. @NeilB added a member of staff to reply so hopefully they react soon, as they claim they read all posts so should react quickly and take it seriously. :+1:

If you queue an order close to execution it becomes un cancelable - it not a bug. The fact it’s still queued for a highly liquid stock is the issue but given 86m shares traded yesterday it is probably account related.

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Must be my error as I am sure I have cancelled anytime I accidentally clicked out of hours. Seems S£$% you can’t cancel an order if it doesn’t go through in days, to me that is a bug or a very poor service.

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Thanks, never had this problem before. Buying at 9 am yesterday and still waiting at almost 9 am today and don’t know whether I’ve bought or not or at what price or not able to cancel-basically stuck until FT do something - really not good enough.

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Agree, service is poor. Money is frozen and I can’t do anything. Surely if FT read posts they should do something immediately

This is a community forum, your account here is not linked to your Freetrade account.

As this looks to be very specific to your account, you need to take this up with Support and wait for them to respond, when did you contact them?

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