Longboat Energy LBE

This oil company is focused on exploration and development in the North Sea.

Very quiet here, i assume noone has bought into this one, same as iOG ?

Up almost 12% (so far) today. Shame noone seems to have bought in as its cwrtainly looking good

What do you know about it?

Not too much, thats why i posted here asking if anyone has already bought in. To start a disussion about it. Seems to be flying today tho. Maybe been some good news?

I’m not sure about news I’ve not seen any except reports from last week. But a small jump today looks great until you look as their share price over the last year

Just took a look at L.S.E. chats room (i was actually checking up to see if there were any new TM1 rns) and looks like a fair bit of chat on the L.S.E. chat for LBE… might take a deeper dive and read through it all after work.

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