LSE Portfolio


I tried using the LSE portfolio but am getting stuck!

Yesterday I purchased 5 Persimmon shares for £22.1992 (The number on the Freetrade app). But when i enter this into my portfolio is shows my original cost is only 1.11 and my current gain is 9,733.69%!

How should i enter the purchase price into the portfolio?

Could this be due to Freetrade pricing shares in pounds rather than pence maybe?


I have tried all sorts of figures and cannot match it.

Bingo!! Now looks correct, thanks!

So what would 0.0167 be?


This …> 1.67

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Cheers not that it matters, the few Debenham shares i got yesterday will be removed.

I just signed up to Yahoo to try out Yahoo Finance.

I cannot work out the stats. With LSE it shows me What the original cost was, what the current value is and the total gain/loss/

With Yahoo, it is showing me a total change of +291,542.86%?
The Book value is 2.88

Confused, think i will stick to LSE.