M&G plc MNG

This is a firm offering financial products such as insurance and asset management. This company has been spun off from the market leader Prudential.

I have invested a lot of money in this company and I think that as soon as the lockdown ends I will see the results :moneybag::dollar::yen::euro::pound::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:

M&G also has excellent dividends​:rocket::rocket::rocket:


Data from Simply Wall Street.

Consensus EPS estimates fall to UK£0.13
The consensus outlook for earnings per share (EPS) in 2021 has deteriorated.
• 2021 revenue forecast decreased from UK£21.7b to UK£20.2b.
• EPS estimate also fell from UK£0.23 to UK£0.13.
• Net income forecast to grow 765% next year vs 10% growth forecast for Diversified Financial industry in the United Kingdom.
• Consensus price target broadly unchanged at UK£2.40.
• Share price fell 4.6% to UK£2.20 over the past week.

Looks like jam tomorrow. How low will price go before it will recover given the high growth forecasts for next year. Good dividend whilst I wait.

Bought in at 1.94 a share, 13th December, seems to rise 1p per day.


Full year 2021 earnings: EPS exceeds analyst expectations while revenues lag behind
Full year 2021 results:

  • EPS: UK£0.033 (down from UK£0.44 in FY 2020).
  • Revenue: UK£17.8b (up 10% from FY 2020).
  • Net income: UK£83.0m (down 93% from FY 2020).
  • Profit margin: 0.5% (down from 7.0% in FY 2020).

Revenue missed analyst estimates by 11%. Earnings per share (EPS) exceeded analyst estimates by 11%.


I have missed the dip to buy more, but I decided to sell my Centrica holdings. Looks like selling Centrica then buying M&G has increased my portfolio by as much as £1100